GTA 6 & Vice City Online : Confirmed?

Gta 6 & Vice city

Gta 6 & Vice City Online!

As gamer continue to wait patiently for the slightest signs from Rockstars, it appears GamesRadar might of just spotted one! Did Rockstar Games and Take Two publishing confirm the long speculated Grand Theft Auto VI? What do you guys think do you think we well be seeing GTA 6 & Vice City in-line dropping together, let us know below!

Rockstar Renews Two Key GTA 6 domains

Well not exactly, but they did just renew two key domains, & While this doesn’t exactly confirm Grand Theft Auto VI is going to take place in America or feature The city, it does seem to fall in lines with the other rumors we’ve been hearing on the GTA rumor mill.

GTA 6 Back to Vice City?

Gta 6 & Vice City Online
GTA 6 Back to Vice City?

Lately Vice City has been popping up in a lot of discussions surrounding the long awaited GTA 6 so seeing this domain renew means it’s likely it’ll at least be available in the online play!

If GTA 6 Takes place in America and Vice city is one of the city’s we play in one can only hope we get a sound track on par with the original Grand Theft Auto Vice City, as it’s always been one of my favorite video game sound tracks, how bout you? I’m not sure when all of you started playing Grand Theft Auto but I can’t even begin to imagine the city skyline in stunning 4K or possibly even 8k Graphics with modern texture packs.
Whatever Rockstar has planned, you can assure it’ll be a breath taking game that’ll bring many years of fun!

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[…] In a now deleted reddit post user JackOLantern1982 shared a very detailed bullet point list of GTA 6 info that you can read below. Some of the info he included matches up with other leaks, like Rockstar renewing the vice city online domain name. […]

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