GTA 6 multiple states and reveal date soon?

GTA 6 multiple states

According to new rumors Vice City won’t be the only familiar city returning in Grand Theft Auto VI (Gta 6)! I’m GTA 6 Multiple states might be coming! It also seems we may be closer to reveal date then we expected! Let’s break down these new possible details for GTA 6.

GTA 6 Multiple States

Gta 6 multiple states
Grand Theft Auto 6 Multiple States

It seems the Project America leak we covered earlier is holding some truth to it, The new Grand Theft Auto is expected to cover multiple states and could include 5 cities we’ve seen in game before and a totally new sixth city! The leak only mentions Liberty City by name but goes on to note that the main five are obvious. Aside from Liberty City we could expect to see Vice City, Los Santos, and San Fierro (Miami, Los Angeles, and San Fransico). If the five “obvious” cities are from previous games its safe to say the fifth one would most likely be Las Venturas (Las Vegas). While we don’t know much about the sixth city we do know that Liberty City is the best looking part of the game, however we still don’t know what era it’ll be set in.

Reveal Date & GTA Online

GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto Online

Although we didn’t get an approximate reveal date we did learn that Newswire post and the accompanying art work is done which means a reveal could be happening very soon! The anonymous source claims to be a developer and while sketchy these kind of source tend to be goldmines for leaked information. It’s also interesting to note that take two wants GTA 6 to be a platform for GTA Online to live on indefinitely. If there’s any truth to the size of the map and multiple locations we could definitely see this being possible! Although take two and Rockstar games have both declined to comment on this we well update the story of any more news arises.

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