grand theft auto 6 unreal engine 5 videogrand theft auto 6 unreal engine 5 video

With Rockstar’s unconventional reveal of Grand Theft Auto VI by diving into their work environment, It’s no doubt GTA 6 is happening! Although realistically were still looking at a 2024 release date we’ve yet to see any video teaser or trailers from Rockstar Game’s. However thanks to a Youtube studio dedicated to creating concept videos for various games, TeaserPlay, who have created an outstanding concept video. The video shows what Grand Theft Auto VI would look like if it was built on Unreal Engine 5! Still be sure to check out their other videos also!

Rockstar Games has been teasing fans with hints of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI. While there hasn’t been any official video teasers or trailers from Rockstar, a YouTube studio called TeaserPlay has created an outstanding concept video using Unreal Engine 5. This breathtaking video showcases what GTA VI would look like if it were built on this incredible platform.

GTA VI – Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase l Concept Trailer

Starting in Vice City, which is rumored to be the main map for GTA 6, the video goes on to show Liberty City and San Fierro in stunning detail. The rumor mill suggests that Grand Theft Auto VI will have multiple “states” and different cities from previous GTAs, adding even more excitement for players.

The flawlessly made concept trailer ends by revealing that Grant Theft Auto VI takes place in the late 1980s and spans over a period of time, giving some legs to the Project America’s leak. With no official release date yet announced by Rockstar Games, realistically we’re still looking at a potential 2024 release date.

Grand Theft Auto VI Unreal engine 5 concept video by TeaserPlayStudio

As the release date for Rockstar’s upcoming game approaches, fans eagerly anticipate what kind of world they will be able to explore. Will it be a massive open-world map that players can spend hours getting lost in? Or will it be a more focused and contained environment with intricate details and hidden secrets waiting to be discovered?

However, given current trends among game developers in general and Rockstar specifically, it seems likely that players may see multiple maps being released as DLC later down the road instead of initial offerings within the game itself. This could mean that players will have access to entirely new locations or even expansions on existing areas.

While some fans may feel disappointed by this approach, others may welcome the opportunity to continue exploring new worlds long after the initial release. Regardless of how it ultimately plays out though, one thing is certain: fans are excited for what’s to come from this highly anticipated title.

Grant Theft Auto VI TeaserPlay Screen Shots

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