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  • Grand Theft Auto VI on Unreal engine 5 (Video)

Grand Theft Auto VI on Unreal engine 5 (Video)

With Rockstar’s unconventional reveal of Grand Theft Auto VI by diving into their work environment, It’s no doubt GTA 6 is happening! Although realistically were still looking at a 2024…

Grand Theft Auto 6 Music is being worked on by Dr.Dre

According to fellow rapper with hits such as, “That Tree” and friend Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre is working on music for a new Grand Theft Auto game, likely GTA 6!…

GTA 6 multiple states and reveal date soon?

According to new rumors Vice City won’t be the only familiar city returning in Grand Theft Auto VI (Gta 6)! I’m GTA 6 Multiple states might be coming! It also…

Rockstar hints at Vice City setting for GTA 6!

Rockstar has yet to confirm Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is even officially in works, but some hidden Easter eggs lately may be lending some clues into the future…

GTA 6 Project Americas?

The GTA 6 Project Americas leak, recently deleted from reddit, has some interesting information regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 and some kind of Netflix Narocs crossover. That involves 4 main…

GTA 6 & Vice City Online : Confirmed?

Gta 6 & Vice City Online! As gamer continue to wait patiently for the slightest signs from Rockstars, it appears GamesRadar might of just spotted one! Did Rockstar Games and…